Buying a chef’s knife: A / No secret science?

If you want to buy a used car or a new TV screen, you usually know even without being an expert, what to look for – but what about a chef’s knife?

Buying a chef's knife

Here many consumers soon reach their limits. The result: you buy a standard chef's knife, if possible, perhaps even from the offers at the supermarket, because at least the price is okay there.

All knives are still the same anyway? Not at all!

Very clear: Anyone looking for a used cars and finds proceed to Year, Mileage, MOT, price and more. When one looks closer toward television in screen size, resolution, energy efficiency or existing Scart and USB ports. All fixed (empirical) values, facts and figures, the patient had adopted over time by the advertising machinery and more than ever decide to buy or not buy a product.

But what made for a knife? It already starts with a question that you would never put on TV or Used: namely, what you need to. For cutting of course. But it's usually a difference between a chef's knife is frequently and even professionally or only occasionally used, if you sometimes just chop an onion or a piece exactly want filleting delicate meat. The car, however, it does not matter whether much or little driving, whether a beginner or a pro behind the wheel. The TV does not mind if he runs 24 hours straight and is certainly not chosen which TV program.


A matter of attitude and preference

modern chef's knifeFor a modern chef’s knife however you should consider before, for what it is needed, finally, there is a wide variety of game species such as carving and filleting-, paring-, bread- and many, many more knives.

The most popular is additionally the knife block that holds all these different things as a complete set. Also popular: The utility knife – the all-rounder on the chopping and cutting board,  a useful tool in the kitchen.

But: For some, it does just the knives from the supermarket. For others it should already be the retailer for household and cutlery. Still others swear solely on masterpieces by famous cutlers from Germany or Japan. Their solution: If you ever end up here when buying, as many experts say, also remains. Because all too soon learn to appreciate the benefits of higher quality knife.

Right here there are considerable differences: What is the blade and how it is processed?

High in price are almost traditional stainless steel blade. However, damascus or blades made of carbon or carbon steel are not uncommon in this slightly higher-priced segment. If the knife blade is not mechanically, but hand-forged, the better. Then hold the end a real gem in his hands with a not unimportant strength: Extraordinary sharpness.

Buyer but should also handle play a role: Finally, hang comfort and cutting edge – literally – the handiness of a diameter not insignificantly from the handle. Shaping, strength and material are decisive factors. Understandable that precious woods cut in ergonomic mold here at best – in quality testing and popularity among chefs.


Other important factors when buying a chef’s knife

What factors and decision aids play a role buy the knife?

Are innovative coatings for blades that make, for example, not actually stainless materials stainless steel and resistant. The shaping of blade is also based on personal preference and the working techniques when cutting.

For a chef’s knife is also existing and especially suitable equipment for storage, care or sharpening. This does not equal the knife with purchase land in the basket, but in the medium or long term, corresponding accessories should at least be in the repertoire.

It looks astonished: Sometimes there is more to consider than buy when purchasing a television or used car in diameter – but worth it in terms of long-term quality and joy of cutting.


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